Adulting So Hard

Date: February 8, 2018

Adulting So Hard!

Buy a house they said, it will be fun they said . . . Ha-ha!  Ok seriously, with all the hustle and bustle put aside, buying a new home is fun and exciting (except the moving in January part)!  Once the middle part of packing, moving, and unpacking has passed, you get to relax in something your proud of, but can also call your own.  I have been back and forth with the decision of what kind of style I would like my new home to have, I finally decided that I wanted a rustic country look . . . I know, I know—REAL ORIGINAL!

I love the warmth rustic homes give off, along with that relaxing and homey vibe.  When anyone comes to visit that’s how I want them to feel!  Deciding on a theme is one thing . . . Finding pieces you love that fit into that theme is another struggle all in itself!  My new-found home décor paradise is Hudson’s Bay (who knew, right?).  I absolutely fell in love with this piece of wall art—called The Graham and Brown Stag on Wood (see below).  It shows not only the style I want but also how I feel about living in the country (two birds with one stone)!  This wall décor will look fantastic in any part of the home, but having it out in view for everyone to see will be my favourite part!  One piece down . . . many MANY more to go!  I love country living!


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