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Date: October 1, 2018

Your Perfect Fall Outing Starts at Bower Place

Autumn in Canada is more transitional, passionate, moody and vibrant than a teenager. It has got that “in-between” feel that produces love-hate in most Canadians. We think, “Here comes the cold, but are you ever lovely Fall!”. It calls for comfort in our homes, wardrobes and lives in general.
As the leaves outside ripen and the air crisps up, we get cozy and we gather. People gather in thanksgiving. We gather bounty up in our gardens. And at the mall, we gather our goods as we move indoors for the upcoming chilly weather.

Here’s a few suggestions for a great fall Sunday afternoon to boost your autumn energy. Order up a custom, handmade cheesecake from True Bliss.  This fine retailer will be in the mall soon for our festive season. The options seem endless, so make sure you discuss the seasonal standards: pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and the like. pair this with a tumbler full of Apple Custard tea (YUM!) from DavidsTEA for decadent afternoon refreshment.

A blanket is essential for a fall afternoon outing. You can use it to park your picnic on, or to wrap yourself in while the kids finish running around. There are several fine retailers that can supply you with something. Don’t forget to bring your camera and if you leave later in the day you might get the glorious fall prairie sunset in on your drive back. will fill up your day with more than just aMAZE-ing games.


Enjoy the sensory overload while we move to the Great Indoors.

The Pumpkin Patch

There’s also a pumpkin patch. This is the place to pick one out and carve it up when you get home with the help of House of Knives. The beauty of specialty stores is hard-to-find-products and exceptional customer service. There will be someone there with the right stuff for you to win the pumpkin carving competition.