Fearless Local Fashion

Date: January 28, 2019

Fierce Local Styles

Bower Place is a pillar of the Red Deer community. Our decor, store selection, and branding all reflect our prairie charm. This is why we decided to feature local fashion in our blog. This series is organic and local from our unique surroundings.

Like the vast wheat fields all around, we featured women who grow – and ultimately thrive – where they’re planted. The diversity of these gorgeous subjects are reflected in their personal styles, varying outlooks on life, and various age demographics. Their similarities are noteworthy as well: positive, vibrant spirits, and radiant smiles will leap out at you. Consider this your introduction to three special Central Alberta fashionistas: Morgan Whitbread, Jessica Brake, and Lori Dufresne.

The blogs to follow this week will take more in-depth looks into their lives and personal styles. Join us as we showcase three creative, daring women with the right outlook on fashion and life.

Bower's Beauties


Sabrina is a free spirit. She likes to decorate her home almost as much as she likes to decorate her passport with stamps.