Look Good, Feel . . . Great!

Date: February 5, 2018

Is anyone else like me, whereby nothing gets you more excited to start something than investing in a new accessory for that activity?  For me, a prime example is exercising—nothing gets my active juices flowing like stepping into Intersport for a new UnderArmour shirt, some new Nike’s for my feet, or even some arch-support athletic socks (extremely under-rated)!

Recently I’ve just come to realize my habit that I just spoke of, and took some time to really think about it.  You know, I think it’s like anything you do really . . . When you think you look your best, you tend to perform your best.  Nobody looks in the mirror before a day and says “wow, I look terrible, I’m going to have a great day!”  Confidence is key to success, and nothing breeds confidence like looking your best.

The reality is that money doesn’t grow on trees, and you can’t rely on new purchases to get excited for everything, but I think it’s a great reminder to simply focus on what is important to you.  If it’s having that new piece of gear or if it’s simply starting each day with a smile, confidence is key to success, so I say do whatever you have to do to build that confidence . . . And then dominate your day!!!



Dallas is a hockey dad at heart, a comfort food fanatic and someone who can quote movies with the best of them!