New Parents Apply Here

Date: February 8, 2018

One of the most memorable moments leading up to the birth of our first child was the daunting task of buying EVERYTHING you thought you needed to successfully raise a mini-human!  Now, like any other new parent in this generation, the first stop was obviously the internet, which gave us a bit of an idea what direction we were headed.  Now, was I ready to simply click a button and order everything?  Not a chance!  I needed to touch and feel everything to make sure it was up to par, because nobody had higher expectation for me as a parent than myself!

So, my wife and I headed to Babies “R” Us (nicely nested in with Toys “R” Us).  With our list in hand, we began the trek from aisle to aisle, thinking we knew what we were looking for.  Then, like an angel from above, someone from Customer Service approached us (I’m sure we fit the profile of new/expecting parents).  We began running her through our list, but before we wasted too much of our breath, she handed us a checklist, which contained most of the items on our list, plus other items we never even thought of!  What was better, she took the time to walk us from section to section to point out what and where each item is.  Swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, sleeping blankets . . . Who knew there were so many blankets???

As far as I’m concerned, all doctors should refer new/expecting parents to Babies “R” Us.  I can’t even describe the burden that was lifted after our visit.  Like any other man that has his “car guy/phone guy/TV guy” etc., now I had a “new baby guy (girl)”. . . You should have one too!



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