A Tea for Every Tastebud

I’m embarrassed to admit how much tea I have in a cupboard at home (the appropriately named “tea cupboard”). I just can’t help it! There is literally a tea for every occasion: hot, iced, sweet, smooth, rich . . . so many to choose! Over at David’s tea they have a tea for every taste bud, any way you want it.

Herbal: When it comes to herbal infusions, they carry just about every everything you can imagine, from classic tisanes to the latest super-fruits.

*tea featured is Apéro Spritz

Green: After water, green tea is the drink most consumed on the planet. From pan-fried Chinese greens to steamed Japanese greens, there are a ton of flavours to explore!

*tea featured is Forever Flawless

White: These delicate teas are as close to the living tea bush as you can get! White tea is loved for its flavour and natural sweetness.

*tea featured is Buddha’s Blend

Matcha: Matcha is a specially grown and processed green tea, typically in a finely-grounded powder form. It’s also a super drink! Packed with antioxidants and vitamins which help to boost metabolism, burn calories, detoxify, lower both cholesterol and blood sugar as well as prevent diseases.

*tea featured is Peach Matcha

Black: There’s a whole world of black teas to explore. Like Honey-scented tea from Nepal. Rich breakfast teas from Kenya. Or wild-growing leaves from Yunnan province.

*tea featured is Chocolate Macaroon

Mate/Guayusa: Super-energizing yerba mate is a South American drink of ancient origins. Guayusa, yerba mate’s Ecuadorian cousin, is a smooth-drinking energy booster, steeped in over 2000 years of tradition

*tea featured is Electric Lemonade

Oolong: Oolong tea is somewhere in between a green and a black tea. The leaves are tightly rolled so they slowly unfurl in your cup.

*tea featured is Happy Kombucha

Rooibos: This tasty, caffeine-free infusion comes from the rooibos plant, a small shrub that can only be found in a tiny region of South Africa. Lightly sweet and super hydrating!

*Tea featured is Cotton Candy

Pu’erh: In China, earthy Pu’erh has been used to aid digestion for over 1700 years, its name comes from the city of Pu’erh along the trade routes between China and the West

*Tea features is S’mores Chai

So if I were you, I would head down to The Great Indoors and give a tea a try . . . the fabulous Tea Experts here always have free samples available and can assist you with all your tea questions!


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