Time  to  Travel

Date: January 4, 2019

Part of the fine art of being Canadian is surviving winter. Luckily, this year Mother Nature has been kind. In spite of mild weather, it’s still the best time of year to stock up on Vitamin D on a beach in the paradise of your choosing. One of the best ways to cope with the cold and the darkness is to get right out of it.

You can spot the Canadians anywhere in Mexico. Big grins, polite manners, and pasty skin lacking sun are a dead giveaway, eh. Do you go all-inclusive and sit by the pool, adventure travel and live out of a backpack, or group together and find your own AirBnb or VRBO with ten of your best friends?

There’s a trip for every type of traveler, regardless of budget and destination.What’s the game plan? Where do you want to go? Do you want to see a lot, do a lot, or just chill? How are you actually flying? Fidgety? Get an aisle seat and pace about once in a while. Like to sleep? Eye mask it up. Gravol and good reading material are two safe bets to make it more enjoyable. What are you going to eat? A lot of travelers like one main meal a day. Risky food choices are way more likely to happen when you’re somewhere exotic. There are great online resources like Trip Advisor for recommendations.  Does the idea of a really local experience ring your bell, or would you enjoy the chance to have a “small world” experience with gringos from your home city?

Our social media feeds, journals and best dinner table stories are memories from moving around the planet. It is an education unto itself. No matter what it is you’re searching for in a trip, you can find it and change your life at home for the better with time away. Just go.


Sabrina is a free spirit. She likes to decorate her home almost as much as she likes to decorate her passport with stamps.