The Great Indoors Food Challenge

Congratulations to our Food Challenge winner, Troy!


Congratulations to the 25 lucky winners who won a Sunterra Market Mystery food box, and those who competed for the ultimate title: The Great Indoors Food Challenge winner!

The contest is now closed.

Our Grand Prize winner was Troy, who wowed the judges!

Thank you to everyone who entered, voted, and participated in this challenge!


Herb-grilled pork collar with a side of smashed warm potato salad, creamed kale, smooth eggplant and tomato purée, blistered tomatoes, and flame grilled Mexican street corn covered with shredded Gouda, paired with a sweet peach croissant pudding for dessert!


The Big Bountiful Bredo Banquet. Three flaky and butter croissant crostinis, paired with fresh kale tabbouleh and Sylvan Star Grizzly Gouda Cheese, creamy roasted baba ghanouj, savoury whipped cream with herbs topped with roasted corn. Our version of creamed corn! Yellow potato gnocchi topped with fresh grape tomato bruschetta. 3-day version of a traditional Italian capicola using Sunterra pork collar. The salty meat is balanced perfectly with the creamy hollandaise sauce. This is all paired with Pavlova topped with B.C. peach coulis, garnished with fresh B.C peach. Garnished with crisp, crunchy and captivating kale dust.


Tender pork and creamy eggplant both thinly sliced, seasoned with sea salt and breaded using cornstarch, egg, freshly grated extra aged Gouda cheese and finely chopped croissant. Accompanied by a creamy warm potato salad made by sautéeing onion, garlic, kale and corn together in extra virgin olive oil, combined with peeled and boiled white potatoes, and finally dressed with a delicate cream sauce of margarine, extra aged gouda and whipping cream, seasoned to perfection with sea salt and ground black pepper. For a splash of colour and freshness, heirloom tomatoes and sliced peaches oven-roasted with sea salt and olive oil are on the side. Last but not least, a honey and balsamic vinegar reduction adds tang and depth.


BBQ roast pork collar with peach ginger sauce with added red pepper flakes, accompanied with a Panzanella salad over roasted eggplant, topped with cubed croissants. Dressing is a roasted garlic olive oil and white balsamic vinegar, with salt and pepper to taste and a medium poached egg on top. Grizzly Gouda mashed potatoes are served on the side.


Slow roasted pork collar with glazed peaches and kale pesto, paired with a cheesy eggplant and potato gratin, seared grape tomatoes, fresh corn, and buttery crostini.


Herb crusted pork collar on top of a Grizzly Gouda cream sauce topped with grilled peaches, served with a fall inspired succotash garnished with a crispy garlic kale chip.


Korean-style pork collar with croissant crumbed eggplant frites served with peach, cherry tomato and roasted corn salad and scalloped kale and potatoes in cream sauce.


Peach glazed pork collar seared on both sides and finished in a smoker. Accompanied by smoke grilled Cajun-style veggies, soaked eggplant, thinly sliced grilled potatoes with olive oil, garden fresh dill, rosemary and tarragon, cheesy French toast, and a side of lemon garlic kale with tomatoes.


Croissant-crusted eggplant stack with spicy roasted tomato and peach pulled pork collar over Grizzly Gouda creamed kale with warm potato and corn salad.


Sunday Brunch: Kale salad, with shredded Gouda topped with a peach cream dressing with a touch of honey. On the side, a baked pork collar marinated in Italian dressing, soy sauce and baked eggplant, and hash. Yukon gold potatoes fried with green onions and mushrooms some garlic and seasoning salt, pepper, mixed with eggs, cream, fresh corn, tomatoes, and some of the pork collar. These are topped with croissant crumbs and Gouda then baked, with a bit more Gouda for good measure.

Kim and Trevor

Kale salad with boiled corn tossed with cilantro, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, basil, oregano, pecans, and shredded parmesan cheese. Pork collar with an olive oil rub tenderized with lemon and salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary, and pan fried with a little bit of garlic butter and rosemary. Accompanied by baked eggplant with thin-sliced garlic inserted and brushed with olive oil, and topped with shredded Gouda. Sliced baked potatoes with Gouda cheese and garlic slices topped with an egg wash and grated Parmesan cheese on top of the baked crust. A brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla extract peach sauce drizzled on frozen croissants.


A Peruvian inspired dish showcasing mojo marinated pork collar, which was sous vide for 18 hours, shredded, and then broiled to add char, placed on baked kale chips and topped with a jammy cured egg yolk. Alongside fried scallop potatoes with a gouda cheese sauce, and dehydrated croissant crumbs sprinkled on top. Lastly, a grilled corn and peach Pico de Gallo which included tomatoes, and kale! All are nestled in grilled eggplant and accompanied by a kale puree.


Warm buttered croissants with a sticky peach puree, crispy potato and kale hash with Grizzly Gouda cheese, toasted eggplant chips, soft and creamy scrambled eggs with chives, and Pesky Pig pulled pork with peach salsa.


A Southwest pork steak with a corn, peach, and tomato salsa. Accompanied by baked eggplant with Gouda, garlic, bacon, kale, and garlic fries. Finished with a croissant with chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis and meringue with mint.


Pan seared and garlic butter-basted pork collar with a peach and basil gastrique. Panzella salad with roasted vegetables, croissant croutons, and roasted tomatoes. Accompanied by eggplant and kale in olive oil and salt and pepper, dressed with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, fresh basil, and Grizzly Gouda cheese. All with a side of Kartoshnik (a potato dish), which in today’s version has mashed potatoes mixed with heavy cream and eggs, butter poached corn, and Grizzly Gouda. Added, a touch of baking powder to make it rise and dusted cheese.


Rosemary kale stuffed pork collar with a roasted aubergine puree accompanied by duchess potato rosettes and a grilled peach, corn and tomato salad medley adorned with a honey vinaigrette dressing.


Peach inspired dinner for two featuring a kale salad with grilled corn, charred tomatoes, and cubed peaches with a homemade red wine vinegar cream dressing. For the main, a marinated peach whisky roasted pork collar stuffed with sliced peaches and baby tomatoes, served with a fresh rosemary peach whisky gravy. The vegetable is a baked garlic mashed potato, with grilled eggplant and charred baby tomatoes, topped with freshly grated Grizzly Gouda and Panko crumbs. This is all paired with a decadent vanilla cinnamon peach whisky cream filled croissant topped with peaches.


Smoked pork croissant waffle topped with fried eggplant. The pork collar is covered with mustard and a pork and poultry rub, smoked with applewood chips. Chopped fried kale and grated Grizzly Gouda are sprinkled over the waffle, served with a side of tomato corn salsa and a peach and cream dip.


Creamed corn and kale bread pudding with Gouda and candied pork, along with potato and eggplant rosettes with a peach ratatouille sauce.

Tammy C.

Kale croissant crusted pork collar with a fragrant peach, port cranberry shallot sauce, served with creamy eggplant duchess potatoes with smoked Gouda, warm roasted corn and savoury smoked Gouda bread pudding. Accompanied by kale, peach, roasted corn, tomato salad with a bright peach vinaigrette. Topped off with kale chips and crispy shallots.

Tammy P.

A breakfast fave! Brunch redux with bacon, eggs, French toast, and hash, just with a bit of a delicious twist.

Tim and Cathy

A Kale Cobb salad with peach glazed pork that’s been soaked in brine for 36 hours, slow roasted then broiled. Smoky grilled eggplant, croissant croutons with grilled corn and peaches, topped with a creamy ranch dressing. The smoke and soy eggplant marinade flavours pair perfectly with the sweetness of the peaches and corn. For a vegetarian option, the meaty texture of the grilled eggplant will also appeal to your vegetarian friends.


Grilled Sunterra pork collar, with a peach-amaretto coulis, a croissant bread-crumb potato croquette topped with a thyme and cheese soufflé, finished with a grape tomato and roasted corn relish and lastly a grilled eggplant rosette with a drizzle of balsamic reduction topped with a crispy kale chip.

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