Bower Place is committed to supporting our local community. We have raised thousands through our numerous iniatives. 


At this time we only permit our annual charity of choice to set up community kiosk tables. To become the 2025 charity of choice, please apply below.

Bower Place strives to support our community and the families within it by offering complimentary table space on a case-by-case basis to charities and non-profit groups in our centre.

In keeping with our community spirit, Bower Place gives preference to organizations that:

  • Make a contribution to the local community including non-profit, cultural, educational, and social service groups.
  • Serve the community of Central Alberta.
  • Are a registered charitable organization.
  • Directly support families or kids.

Please note that we do not support the following:

  • For-profit activities.
  • Organizations or projects outside or originating outside of British Columbia.
  • Travel for individuals or groups.
  • Religious or political organizations and their affiliated activities.

Once approved, groups will need to provide a copy of their organization’s general commercial liability insurance for a minimum of $2 million and $250,000 tenant legal risk liability.

Bower Place Community
Bower Place Charity

Charity of Choice Application

Each year we select a charity of choice to whom we dedicate resources, with a focus on supporting families in Central Alberta. In 2024, we chose United Way Central Alberta where we form a direct partnership for events throughout the mall.

Are you a non-profit looking to be our next Charity of Choice? Apply now!

Charity Gift Wrap

Please note, our annual charity of choice gets first priority for booking charity gift wrap times. 

From December 1 until December 23, Bower Place offers registered non-profits the opportunity to participate in our charity gift wrap program. We provide each participating charity with a designated space, all necessary gift wrapping materials, and paid advertising to promote the service. Additionally, we offer optional Square terminals for charities using Square and/or iPads for those accepting online donations.

Please apply to take part in this service with the registration form below.

Key Details:

– 100% of Funds: All funds raised go directly to the participating charity. Bower Place sets standardized pricing for your convenience. 
– Eligibility: Charities must be registered, local, and meet our charity expectations.
– Commitment: Charities must commit to working their scheduled shifts in full.
– Signage: All signage must be pre-approved by the Bower Place marketing department.
– Cleanliness: The gift wrap station must be kept clean and tidy at the end of each day.

Bower Place reserves the right to select participating charities and withdraw access if guidelines are not followed.

Bower Place will contact all the approved charities in November with a schedule to claim the days your charity can volunteer for. 

Bower Place Charity Gift Wrap
Bower Place Charity Gift Wrap
Bower Place Charity Gift Wrap

Charity Gift Wrap Application

Primary Contact(Required)
Email Contact(Required)
Are you a registered charity?(Required)
Can you provide a minimum of two volunteers for an eight hour day?(Required)

Charity Shopping Night

Please note, our annual charity of choice gets first priority for charity shopping night roles. 

Every November, Bower Place hosts a Charity Shopping Night, an evening filled with live entertainment, complimentary sweets, thousands in prizes, Black Friday discounts, pop-up activations, and much more. This special event brings together numerous local charities, each fundraising for their cause. Here are some ways charities can benefit from this event:

  • Ticket Sales: Sell General Admission and VIP tickets, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to your charity.
  • Drink Ticket Sales: A portion of every drink sold during the evening will support your charity.
  • Coat Check: All proceeds from the coat check service go to your charity.
  • Fundraising Booths: Set up a booth to sell items, such as the Red Deer Fire Fighters Association’s annual calendars or art drawn by students from the Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre.
  • Volunteering: Provide volunteers for activities like our live mannequin fashion show, and Bower Place will make a donation to your organization in exchange for their help.

Charitable organizations can get involved in various ways. Apply to be part of this evening and share any ideas you have for participation. If you’re unsure how your organization can contribute, leave the section blank, and we’ll offer suggestions. A member of the Bower Place team will contact you in October to discuss your involvement.

Bower Place Community
Bower Place Community
Bower Place Community

Charity Shopping Night Application

Primary Contact(Required)
Email Contact(Required)
Are you a registered charity?(Required)
Would your charity be interested in selling Charity Shopping Night Tickets?(Required)
We provide General Admission tickets and VIP tickets for your charity to sell, your charity can keep 100% of the sales.
Drink ticket sales, volunteers, coat check, pop-up fundraising booth, etc.

Community News at Bower Place

Charity Shopping Night Bower Place

Magic Charity Shopping Night

Each year, Bower Place hosts a charity shopping night, where 100% of the funds raised go to charity. This event has the potential to raise over $20,000 in a single evening for our annual charity of choice. Multiple charities can participate in this evening of giving. In 2023, we host the Magic of Bower Place Charity Shopping Evening, where over $25,000 was raised for numerous charities. 

Bower Charity

Charity Shopping Night Ticket Sales

Each year, Bower Place hosts a charity shopping night where 100% of the ticket sales are donated to charity. If your organization would like to participate by selling tickets for this event, please fill out the Charity Shopping Night form above. We will contact you and provide a quantity of tickets, allowing your charity to retain all the proceeds from your sales.

The Bower BBQ

At some of our events, Bower Place collects donations for our annual charity of choice. In 2023, during the Bower BBQ, guests had the opportunity to donate to Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre. All funds raised at this event went directly to this wonderful local charity.

Bower Place Community

Our Mountie Memorial

On January 25, Bower Place rededicated its memorial honouring four RCMP constables who were killed in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, on March 3, 2005. The new memorial, which replaces a 16-year-old statue, is a poignant tribute to Constables Peter Schiemann, Anthony Gordon, Leo Johnston, and Brock Myrol, recognizing their bravery and sacrifice. Marketing Manager Ben Windsor highlighted the officers’ lasting impact, while Red Deer RCMP Supt. Holly Glassford noted the importance of community support. Colleen Myrol, Brock’s mother, reflected on the  significance of the memorial at Bower Place. 

Bower Place Charity

Community Space

Our annual charity partner can take advantage of advertising opportunities at Bower Place, including promoting local events on our Digital Directories and food court TVs. They can also set up tables in Bower Place to promote their community initiatives. For example, United Way hosted a table for Tools for School, the Period Promise Campaign, and served as a collection center for their Sockey Day event.

Bower Place Community

Event Sponsor for Annual Charity

Bower Place has proudly partnered with our annual charity of choices, sponsoring key community events such as Aspire Special Needs’ Evening of Decadent Dessert. Our support has included both financial contributions and gift cards to aid in their community mission.

Support For the Red Deer Food Bank

When the Red Deer Food Bank faced a food shortage during the holiday season, Bower Place stepped in as a collection point and demonstrated our commitment to supporting the local community by donating $5,000 to the Food Bank. 

Mrs Claus Christmas Shop

On November 25, 2023, children aged 6 to 12 stepped into a winter wonderland at an interactive holiday event held at Bower Place. They donned Santa hats, shopped for gifts, decorated wrapping paper, and made handmade cards under the supervision of elves. The event concluded with children receiving a sugar cookie from Mrs. Claus, with 100% of proceeds going to the Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre.