Guest  Services


Think of us as your ambassadors to The Great Indoors!

Here at Guest Services, we will happily help you navigate the perfect route so you can hit all of your must-have stops (and, maybe even stumble upon some hidden gems in the process!).

Find us nestled amongst our delicious food offerings, right beside Chachi’s (near to the South Entrance by the Shoppers Drug Mart entrance).

  • Bower Place Gift Cards
  • Complimentary Portable Cell Phone Chargers
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Stroller, Wheelchair & Power Scooter Loans
  • Faxing & Photocopying
  • Lost & Found
  • Store/Brand Information
  • On-site Security
  • Postal Services available at Shoppers Drug Mart

Cell Phone Charging

OMG, you just snagged the perfect pair of boots—your bestie is going to be sooo jealous! Better Instagram this asap . . . Wait! You’re at 5% battery—yikes! Never fear, stop by Guest Services and borrow one of our cell phone chargers—even better, one that will fit right in your pocket.

You’ll be back up and running (and shopping) in no time! You can connect your own cord right to the charger, or borrow one of ours (Apple Lightning Adapter, Micro-USB or Mini-USB). Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!