Permanent Leasing

Get inside! At Bower Place, one parking spot grants customers access to both big city brands and small town conveniences thus negating the need to do the two-step all around town (we’re looking at you most other shopping centre that require the stop and start all around town). In other words, when it comes to our savvy shoppers, this isn’t their first time at the rodeo. While their penchant may be for the great outdoors, when it comes time for a new outfit, baby shower/graduation/wedding gift or simply, life’s big necessitits/small luxuries, they know . . . The Great Indoors is where it’s at.

Central Albertan’s live here because they grew up here, and LOVE it here. If you think your brand belongs in The Great Indoors, we would love to hear from you! Send us some information on your company.

  • Your company information (company name, address, phone number, website)
  • Company ownership information (name, address, phone number, email address of the owner or franchisee)
  • Your business plan including what’s so amazing about what you do
  • We love photos! We want to see pics of your current location (if you have one) as well as, what you’re proposing in terms of store design for a Bower Place location
  • Even more photos! Got any catalogues, lookbooks, line sheets, product photography we can look at? Please include those too!
  • Expected sales per square foot
  • Your glimpse into the crystal ball! What’s your sales prediction for year one? What are you thinking in terms of a cash flow forecast for your first operating year?
  • Expected average GROC
  • Demographic profile of your customer (who’s your target?)
  • Your financial plan i.e. your budget for construction, design, fixturing, marketing, rent, taxes, common area maintenance fees, etc.

Once you have all this organized as part of one pretty package, please send it to us as follows:

Larissa Jacobson-Rooke
Vice President |Retail Leasing
T +1 604 975 9086 | M +1 778 874 1843
[email protected]

Short Term Leasing

Don’t let the size of The Great Indoors intimidate you — it’s the perfect place to plant your small business seed and grow it into something fabulous! We LOVE the opportunity to work with local entrepreneurs and showcase the best of what Central Alberta has to offer! If you think you’re business could thrive in our environment, we would love to hear from you.

Larissa Jacobson-Rooke
Vice President |Retail Leasing
T +1 604 975 9086 | M +1 778 874 1843
[email protected]

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