Community Space

We love being here in The Great Indoors—120 stores and services, and you only have to park once. We also know that Central Alberta enjoys the adventure of stepping inside our doors. With over 3.5 million visitors each year, it’s the perfect venue to promote your non-profit organization or event. We’re proud to be a part of this community.

Please note we are currently accepting non-profit applications for site space for the new year. Here are some GUIDELINES.

Want to explore the opportunity of planting your group at Bower Place? We would love to learn more:

  • Non-profit number
  • Who does your group benefit?
  • How many volunteers/staff do you have?
  • Details of your activity

When you request partnership with Bower Place follow this process:

  • Describe in writing your 5 W’s (who, what when, why, where) with as much detail as you can provide
  • We will send you proof of insurance and an agreement to sign and scan back to us promptly
  • We lend and set up our equipment, so audio, tables, chairs, props must be worked out at least two weeks prior to your event
  • Our operations team process your request and make any necessary changes
  • One final email about one week from your event with last-minute details and to finalize details is expected from you

Please understand we work with many organizations and value your time and ours. The more initial details we have from and questions we can answer all at once, the easier the process becomes.

Once approved, groups will need to provide a copy of their organization’s general commercial liability insurance for a minimum of $2 million and $250,000 tenant legal risk liability.

Signage must look professional and be placed out of the way of crowds – pop up banner stand signs are a good example of what we like to see. We lend 20” by 28” sign holders and easels. Taped posters anywhere on mall property, soliciting mall tenants, leaving brochures or material around or approaching shoppers in stores is not permitted. Thank you for leaving the space clean, uncluttered, with no tripping hazards.

Marketing, signage, and promoting your event is your responsibility. If you share your links, hashtags, media/marketing plan with us, then we can incorporate it as we see fit into the mall marketing. We are happy to support with venue space, equipment, and an on-site liaison for at least some part of your event.

Please send your request to:

Megan Lingley

Marketing Assistant

[email protected]