Bower Place’s New 2023 Charity of Choice

Bower Place Charity of Choice

Each year we select a charity of choice to whom we dedicate resources, with a focus on supporting families in Central Alberta. In 2022, we chose Mamas for Mamas as our charity of choice and aided them through initiatives including ticket sales for our Here for the Holidays event and diverting funds from gift-wrapping.

This year, we are pleased to introduce our 2023 charity of choice, Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre. Here’s what they do for our community:

“We are a charitable organization providing hope to children with special needs, the families who love them, and the communities that care for them.”

Formerly the Children’s Services Centre, they have been providing an understanding, supportive, and knowledgeable experience for families who have children with special needs since 1985.

Today, Aspire staff visit families in their homes, provide assessment and intervention services, consult for children in the school systems, work closely with other community providers and agencies, and provide training to teachers and educational assistants in schools all over Western Canada. Their Red Deer location specifically serves the needs of individuals in Central Alberta.

By working together to discover potential, Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre encompasses the big picture for the best outcome. Being the parent of a child with special needs can make you feel helpless and uncertain. They are here to provide hope. To learn more about Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre, visit their website.

Bower Place looks to be an inclusive space for individuals with various needs by offering resources to help support families in their shopping experience, making it one to remember. We look forward to working together and seeing what potential this year’s partnership brings.

Ben Windsor

Marketing Manager

From building apps, hiking mountains, and running fundraising campaigns, Ben is a dynamic individual you can often find traveling throughout Alberta, reading French literature, or finding the best beans for espresso.

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