Bower Place RCMP Memorial Undergoes Refurbishing

New RCMP Memorial Rededication Ceremony

???? Join us on Thursday, January 25, at 4:30pm at Bower Place for the new RCMP memorial rededication.
On March 3, 2005, our community faced a tragic loss as four RCMP constables made the ultimate sacrifice in Mayerthorpe, Alberta. We remember and honour Constable Peter Schiemann, Constable Anthony Gordon, Constable Lionide (Leo) Johnston, and Constable Brock Myrol.
In June 2022, Bower Place took action to ensure our memorial, worn down over the years, is presented with the utmost respect. This new memorial will stand tall, embodying respect, gratitude, and remembrance for the sacrifices made by these RCMP officers who protected our communities.

Previous Memorial at Bower Place

On March 3, 2005, tragedy struck our community with the news of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) constables who were killed in action in Mayerthorpe, Alberta. Constable Peter Schiemann, Constable Anthony Gordon, Constable Lionide (Leo) Johnston, and Constable Brock Myrol were the fallen four RCMP constables.


One of the constables, Brock Warren Myrol had previously worked store security at Zellers for nine years and had a special connection to Bower Place. Constable Brock Myrol, grew up in the Red Deer area and graduated from the RCMP training academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is commemorated in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book on page 208.


In 2005, Bower Place unveiled the life-size statue of an RCMP officer beside his horse to honour the four RCMP constables. This important memorial statue remained in the Bower Place south entrance for over 16 years.


In June 2022, Bower Place relocated the statue to undergo refurbishing, to ensure our statue honouring the RCMP is respectfully presented to the public. The statue will serve as a powerful symbol of respect, gratitude, and remembrance, reminding us of the sacrifices made by RCMP officers in protecting our communities. Every aspect of the statue’s design will embody the essence of the RCMP’s dedication, professionalism, and service to our nation.


This artistic endeavour requires meticulous attention to detail and substantial effort before it can be unveiled to the public. The creation of the memorial statue involves an intricate and extensive process, encompassing meticulous research, sculpting, and installation. It is our commitment to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout every phase of its development. Consequently, the community’s patience and support are greatly appreciated as we work diligently to bring this meaningful tribute to fruition.


After this process, the statue will continue to serve as a memorial at the south entrance.

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