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Hi my name is Megan, and I’m addicted to Starbucks.

Honestly, this time last year you couldn’t force feed me coffee – I had never been a big fan and I was okay with that. But, I can remember very specifically the exact moment when that all changed. Working a very, very early morning shift, my manager asked me if I wanted anything from Starbucks as a pick me up. Because I had no idea even what the menu looked like, I told her hesitantly to just get me whatever she was having (worst thing that could happen is that I didn’t like it and could pawn it off to another co-worker). So, she returned a few minutes later with two Venti iced drinks in hand. I was confused . . . it didn’t look a whole lot like what I was expecting. Made with coconut milk on the bottom, shots of espresso on top, all over ice, she handed me an Iced Caramel Macchiato, and I was never the same.

Now, the amazing team at the Starbucks in Bower Place know me (and my order) by heart. Since my first discovery, I have dabbled in a few other drinks they have to offer, and I have narrowed it down to my few favorites:

Cool Lime Refresher:

This is the drink I’m seen with most often. This refreshing beverage is lime, citrus and hints of mint and cucumber, shaken with real lime slices. I know, I know, those who know about this drink are saying, “but Megan, that’s not even coffee” . . . and they are right, but it does have Green Coffee Bean flavour in it which gives you a perfect amount of caffeine, without the taste of coffee . . . sooo perfect for a hot Summer day!

Blonde Espresso Vanilla Latte:

The Vanilla Latte is a classic Starbucks drink made with espresso, steamed milk and a light layer of foam . . . but I always ask for it made with their new Blonde Espresso, which is a lot smoother that the original roast, with a touch more sweetness (it also gives you more of a caffeine kick!)

Blonde Cold Foam Cappuccino:

Speaking of the Blonde roast, Starbucks introduced a new drink to go along with this new addition which is a Cold Foam Cappuccino. Served over ice, the espresso and a splash of milk lay under a silky smooth later of frothed cold foam. It has a strong but sweet espresso flavor, but is cool, velvety and refreshing.

So, whether you need a morning pick me up, a cool down in the heat, or a sweet treat for when you’re shopping around The Great Indoors, become a Starbucks addict like me and give a drink a try (you’ll most likely catch me in line, too!)


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Megan is a self-described geek who fancies blankets, books and tea (maybe a cat or three too)!

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