Burst Your Bubble

Well . . . it’s been a day! The weather is still in the grossly cold digits, you had to skip lunch to meet a deadline, you spilt coffee on your new dress pants and when you FINALLY get home, you see that your cat managed to un-roll an entire roll of toilet paper because he thought it was a fun toy. On days like these there is only one thing that puts me and my stressed mind at ease — a bath. And not just any bath, I deserve a spa like experience where I can melt my troubles away surrounded by frothy bubbles.

My go to is Twilight Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics. Not only does it turn your bath water purple (with lots of glitter, my fave!) but the lavender essential oil with help you relax and put you right to sleep. If I really feel like I need a night at the spa, I will also put on a face mask, like Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty, which is cooling and cleansing and leaves you polished and refreshed! Just enough to make you forget that it’s only Tuesday . . . sigh.


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Megan is a self-described geek who fancies blankets, books and tea (maybe a cat or three too)!

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