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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love—this year, I’m adding self-love to that celebration. Sundays and self-care go so well together, and in 2021, Valentine’s Day happens to fall on one! It’s a wonderful coincidence.

Check out this guide for some self-care day essentials to treat yourself.

Lush Valentine's Day Bath Bombs

I am a huge Lush fan. Their values include fighting animal testing and 100% of their products are vegetarian, to name a couple of good ones. I have been a lover of their masks for a long time, including but not limited to the Mask of Magnaminty and Beauty Sleep, but I recently came across a treasure trove of Valentine’s Day bath bombs which caught my attention this time. I was immediately drawn to the bright colours like a kid in a candy store. I took the liberty of trying the following bath bombs, and it was an experience! Each one was unique and delightful with fun surprises.

The first one I tried, Heart Beat, was delightful with a fun surprise. As soon as this one went in the water, a sweet, fruity smell overcame me. Eventually, I heard popping noises and was very confused, but then realized Lush took an extra effort in making this bath bomb unique and special, engaging even more senses. There is actually popping candy within the bath bomb, which made it feel like a fruity firework display. This one leaves your skin feeling oh so soft.

I then tried Tisty Tosty, a bath bomb almost too pretty to use. Almost. At first glance, I thought it was very elegant. I then noticed the beautiful phrase embossed on the side: “I choose to love and accept myself as I am in this moment” which made me love it even more. (Self-love affirmations with your self-care night, anyone?) It was like a milk bomb (you’ll feel like Cleopatra), gently releasing rosebuds as it circled. Short, sweet, and magical.

Next up was the Love Boat. This cool design was vibrant, colourful, and smelled amazing, with a pop of yellow that made it look like a vibrant Easter egg. The water ended up turning a purple colour with a surprising sparkle, like one of those fancy shimmering body sprays. This one, all-in-all, was fun.

The Love Locket is a fantastically engineered bath bomb that was almost too cool to use. Upon checkout, I discovered it was full of surprises. You can open the yellow heart-shaped stopper on top to reveal a collection of mini colourful hearts within, which reminded me of those adorable heart-shaped candies you get, sans happy phrases. This one fizzed and smelled like candy. It was like a group of highlighters melted in the bath, leaving the water looking like fruit punch.

p.s.: Check out Lush’s Instagram for their “Love Notes to the World” video for an uplifting and heart-string-pulling moment.

Heart Beat

Tisty Tosty

Love Boat

Love Locket

Honourable and Adorable Mentions

I am obsessed with the below because each item is adorable—whether you’re getting these for a self-care night, for a loved one, or for a bestie. These would be approved by Cupid himself.

Comfy day essentials include PJs, a cozy crew, or a romper (I’m definitely looking at life through rose coloured lenses thanks to La Vie en Rose). Sprinkle in some chocolates, pretty nail colours, and a cute water bottle (hydration is key), and this sounds like the PERFECT cozy night (or weekend) in…to me. And, as a cherry (or strawberry) on top, how about a delicious-smelling candle for ultimate relaxation?

Brunette the Label
Lover Classic Crew
Below the Belt
Ruby Praline
6 Piece
Purdys Chocolatier
PJ Salvage
Sealed With A Kiss Heart Top
Hudson’s Bay
Relationship Status: Blushing Nail Polish Set

Back To Life Sport Bottle
Sparkling Open Heart Necklace
Strawberry Poundcake
3-Wick Candle
Bath & Body Works
Striped Romper
La Vie en Rose


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