Burrito Mondays

Date: December 27, 2017

Did someone say, tacos?! If so, count me in whether it’s “Taco Tuesday” or not and whether it’s lunch/dinner or not (I could do tacos for breakfast, no prob. I’m good like that.).

Lately, when I’m not craving the veggie taco from TacoTime, I’m thinking way too much about their new steak and potato burrito. Loaded with premium steak, mexi-fries, cheese sauce, lettuce and salsa fresca, it reminds me of the dinners of my childhood. A typical dinner back then would be meat and potatoes with a side of salad which, I would invariably take and convert into a sandwich using the potatoes as the “butter” (I know, I know . . . brilliant!). This burrito has the same delish vibe which is why I am alllllll over it (of course, with extra hot sauce, please and thanks).

Honestly, this whole conversation is making me hungry and kinda mad . . . why isn’t there a special day of the week dedicated to burritos?! As Mondays are often tough, I’m recommending we roll (get it?) with that!



Melissa is a foodie/fashionista/decorista with a penchant for sequins and extra hot sauce.

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