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Girl’s Night In is about more than crafting a perfectly rustic chic wreath or learning to create a gorg red holiday lip (although these ARE great reasons to attend).

We’re partnering with our charity of choice, the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre (CACAC), and through your help, are supporting our community in a fabulous way.

100% of the sales from our Crafty and Selfie event experience kits will go directly to this organization. They can be purchased for $50 each and are intended to supplement the virtual event.

CACAC's Mission

CACAC is almost three years old now, having opened its doors to the community in late November 2017 and receiving its first case in early December 2017. Over 1150 children and 80 communities have been supported since opening their doors.

Startling facts:

  • 96% of the CACAC’s kids know their offender – it is people they know and trust hurting
  • Internet luring cases have increased sixfold in the past year.
  • 64% of the children the CACAC supports have experienced previous abuse – meaning this is not their first time being hurt.

In times of their greatest need, CACAC stands together with vulnerable children, youth, and families. With calmness and compassion, they offer the support and resources required to start on one of the most difficult journeys someone can experience.

Traditionally, children would have to go through a confusing path and process in order to share their story and receive help. The CACAC makes it easier for children by having them be the center of the solution, offering wrap-around support under one roof. The CACAC is a safe place for a child to tell their story and begin on their path of healing.

CACAC started out as an idea, then thanks to many courageous community members, came to fruition. They are now a small but mighty team of 10 working directly with their multi-disciplinary team.

They are creating an integrated hub (in working alongside their partners) and a collective community response. Using a trauma-informed approach, they focus on: Forensic Services (interviews), Child Advocacy and Client Support Services, Therapy, Education, Prevention, and Awareness.

To learn more about how they help our community, please visit their website.

Girl's Night In

Event Details:
November 15 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Don’t forget to head to the Inside Story: Pop-Up across from Purdys Chocolatier to purchase your event experience kit, then visit our webpage to sign up for Girl’s Night In.

Note: it is free to attend this event, and purchase of experience kits are not required.


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