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Time to get Vacation Ready!

Well, see you all in a few weeks because it’s time for me to go on vacation! Not only do I love travelling, I love all the prep work that goes with it (I know . . . I must sound crazy). Everything from booking the flights, to detailing out a schedule of what to do/eat/see/explore and everything in between. My favorite part however? Packing. I’m that person that has their bags packed two weeks before the trip, and re-packs about a dozen times to get everything “just right”. With that, I’ve become accustomed on exactly how I like my bags packed and have come up with my must have travel essentials.

Pack It Up

You can’t pack without something to pack your things INTO. So, I made sure to check out Bentley for their amazing selection on luggage and carry on items. I love this Steve Madden suitcase with the chic tribal print. Not only is it a super cute and fun design, it will really stand out when trying to collect your luggage after your flight!

Looking Travel Ready

When it comes to packing my makeup bag, I don’t want to have to bring my full-sized products; not only do they take up a lot of room, but I don’t want to risk something breaking en-route and getting over EVERYTHING. Luckily Sephora has an incredible travel section with all the mini version of your favorite products. Bonus, all the items will fall below the amount of allowed liquid in you carry on!


Especially for the long flight, I wouldn’t be able to survive without my tablet and noise canceling headphones. Netflix will keep me entertained and I can drown out the constant noises from the plane. When I was walking into The Source the other day to pick up an extra charger for my devices, I was drawn to the super colourful Instax Instant Film Camera display. Not only are they super cute, I talked myself into getting one so I could take candid photos of my vacation that will print in an instant, then I can keep them in a scrap book or journal to look back on later. This polaroid camera is definitely going with me everywhere!

The final step, my favorite part, is to get packing your outfits and accessories for your perfect vacation! (Psssst! If you’re like me, make sure to leave extra room in the suitcase for all the things you’ll buy in your trip!).


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