Your True Colours

Ah, bedding! Did you know that your choice of colourful linen says a lot about you? Bedding can actually be telling elements of your personality!

“So, what does my bedding say about me?” You ask. Well, let me walk you through a few of the most popular:

Black Bedding

The colour black is associated with sophistication, prestige, and power. If you choose black, it likely means you’re fiercely independent and determined to succeed (umm, tell me less!); in other words, you rule! I love this black 300TC Organic Cotton Sheet Set – Obsidian from QE Home.

White Bedding

The epitome of clean and neatness. White bedding definitely says you are a minimalist and like things tidy. I love white bedding because you can mix and match any colour to make it a bit more vibrant. These 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet from Hudson’s Bay is the perfect fit, don’t you think?

Blue Bedding

Blue bedding is extremely popular and signifies tranquility and calm. It’s suggested you have a more peaceful nature if you have the colour blue as your bedding. Try the Pure Mulberry Silk, 22 Momme Seamless Flat Sheet from Hudson’s Bay as seen below or the Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set – Navy from QE Home and indulge in the serene!

Red Bedding

Red is bold, so it typically can mean you’re more extroverted and confident. I mean, who doesn’t love the vibrancy of the colour red — it definitely evokes an emotion. These Flannel Cotton Sheet Set – Rhubarb from QE Home is just perfect.

These are just a few that can tell you a bit about you. To learn more, not just about your linens but what colours in our bedroom say about your personality, take the quiz HERE.

Happy dreaming!


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