Love Your-Selfie

I am a self-described selfie addict. You can check my Instagram, if it’s not cat photos, it’s my face. And for the first time, I will reveal my secrets for the perfect selfie! All you need is two things: good lighting, and a good attitude. Don’t be afraid to fill your camera roll trying to get that perfect angle to show off your sharp contour or your new hair cut that is slaying. Smile lots, make funny faces, and just own it (don’t be afraid to go #nofilter)! Worried about unwanted blemishes ruining that perfect pic? I love the line of Tea Tree products from The Body Shop because they are so good at clearing out dirt and oil and reducing redness. I love the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Exfoliating Face Scrub and the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes (did I also mention that all their products are cruelty free? Yay for the bunnies!)


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Megan is a self-described geek who fancies blankets, books and tea (maybe a cat or three too)!

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