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Date: February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s day is upon us, and along with all the snow falling outside there’s also love in the air! February 14 is the perfect day to spoil the special someone in your life, plan a fabulous Galentine’s night for you and your besties, or treat yourself to a relaxing self-care evening. Whatever your plans may be, find everything you need for the perfect day inside Bower Place.


There is zero shame in flying solo on Valentine’s Day . . . use it as the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to an amazing night in filled with relaxing self-care. Go ahead and spoil yourself! My recommendations would be to first head to Lush to select the perfect bath bomb to drop into your tub, so you can soak all your stress away (I highly recommend “Goddess”, a sensual combination of jasmine, rose and oudh oil that will leave you feeling like an ethereal being from head to toe). Next, drop into Bath & Body Works for a new candle to set the perfect ambiance for the evening; from floral to citrus to baked goods, you are guaranteed to find your perfect scent. Finally, stop into Roots for a brand-new pair of their world-famous sweats . . . trust me, slipping into a cozy pair of those pants is like wrapping your legs in a fleece blanket, what could be better?!


Bring on the Romance!

It’s time to find the perfect gift for your Valentine! The Great Indoors has you covered. If you want to go for classic chocolate and flowers look no further than Purdy’s. Precious heart-shaped boxes filled with delicious chocolate varieties to satisfy their sweet tooth. Then, just across the hall, find a new addition to Bower Place, Calyx Floral Design! A fabulous local florist who offers spectacular bouquets and arrangements that are sure to spread the love.

Not sure if flowers and chocolate are her thing? Well you can’t go wrong with the easiest gift ever . . . a Bower Place gift card! Head over to Guest Services and load a card with any amount from $5 – $500. Even the most stubborn of shoppers can get whatever their heart desires (even if that means they spend it all on French fries . . . which sounds like a pretty good idea to me!). Think of it as their all-access pass to The Great Indoors!

Friends First

Celebrating love with your best friends is sure to be a hit, so why not get together for a fun and friendly Galentine’s Day? If you are planning a night out, then make sure you’re turning heads! Stop into Dynamite to grab one of their new collection long sleeved dresses: a classy, elegant option that will also keep your warm with the still freezing temperatures. You also won’t want to forget dropping into Sephora for the perfect shade of red lipstick to match the mood of the holiday. If you want to swap the night on the town for a girl’s night in then I suggest cozying up with pajamas, popcorn and Prosecco (and a classic rom-com!) to enjoy the night in comfort with your besties (who wants to be outside this weather anyway?).

So whether you have grand plans or no plans, take time this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love in all forms!


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Megan is a self-described geek who fancies blankets, books and tea (maybe a cat or three too)!

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