Melissa Loves Chachi’s

Have I found my kindred foodie spirits or what?

Firstly, let me just back up and tell you how much I love sandwiches. Tons. Always did. In fact, as a kid, I turned almost every dinner (typically meat, potatoes and salad) into a sandwich. Back then I used the mashed potatoes as butter . . . I know, they should have tested my IQ right then and there.

I also . . . love chips . . . of all kinds and in any situation but especially . . . on sandwiches.

Lastly . . . I loooove hot stuff. The spicier the better in which case . . . jalapeño chips really piqued my interest especially when artfully arranged . . . on, you guessed it, sandwiches!

Bottom line . . . I love you Chachi’s. I think we might be sharing a brain but that’s ok . . . as they say, great minds think (and obviously eat!) alike.

P.S. Especially craving the Cali sandwich right now (chicken breast, smoked turkey breast, double smoked bacon, cheddar, house made guacamole, spicy mayo, romaine and tomato). Of course, don’t forget the chips!

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