No Mama Left Behind

Our 2022 Charity of Choice

Each year we select a charity of choice to whom we dedicate resources, with a focus on supporting families in Central Alberta. In 2021, we chose the Outreach Centre as our charity of choice and aided them through initiatives including donating a portion of our Bowerlicious In the Kitchen meal kit sales, hosting our Sweet Spot for Charity event, and diverting funds from gift-wrapping.

This year, we are pleased to introduce our 2022 charity of choice, Mamas for Mamas. Here’s what they do for our community:

“We provide a safe space where our Mamas and their kids feel safe and comfortable when they come in for poverty relief support. We refer to all existing community programs when available and fill the gaps in service when the need is higher than the recourses available.”

Mamas for Mamas is a national organization, but their Red Deer branch is dedicated to supporting our local community. All funds raised by this chapter support local programs, and many of their volunteers reside in Red Deer and surrounding areas, further exemplifying their dedication to our community.

“This partnership is important (to) us because we believe in community and collaboration. It is challenging enough being a parent, and we at Mamas for Mamas Red Deer believe that by partnering with Bower Place, together we can support families in need while growing community awareness of the multiple programs we offer.” — Catherine Wilson, Resource Coordinator, Mamas for Mamas, Red Deer Branch.

Though they’ve only been around for a year in Red Deer, they’ve already made many national and local partnerships. Nationally they have partnered with Modern PURAIR, Tug 6 Coffee, Lover’s Tempo, Paris Jewellers, and many more. They’ve even made friends in The Great Indoors, partnering with Toys R Us, where customers can donate toys and party supplies for families in need of items for their own child, or so their child is able to attend a party and bring a gift. They also partnered with Hillberg & Berk during the Christmas season. Hillberg & Berk generously donated their beautiful Sparkle Ball earrings for their Christmas hampers as well as collected monetary donations at the store for the month of December.


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