Take a Hike, Dad

I don’t know about you guys, but my father is the absolute easiest person to shop for. Wait, isn’t it usually the opposite? Not for my Dad! For every gift-giving holiday he tells me exactly what he wants, down to all the fine details. For Christmas? He wanted an outdoor digital thermostat (he even pulled out a flyer and circled the exact make and model). His birthday? A new wheelbarrow, specifically 6 cubic feet with metal handles in red (I was glad for these details because I know NOTHING about wheelbarrows). But when it comes to these holiday’s, Father’s Day included, I always try and find something extra to add on to his gift that he’s not expecting . . . because where’s the fun if he always knows what he’s getting! So, this year I’m taking a peak into Mountain Warehouse to find something suitable for him.

He’s a total outdoorsman – if he’s not hiking though the woods and trailing rives for hours, he’s at his cabin exploring the lake in his kayak then building the most epic of campfires. So, not only can I pick him out some activewear to help him keep cool during his long adventures through the forest, I can also grab him a new backpack to keep all the necessities: water bottle, snacks, first aid kit, and map (although sometimes he doesn’t bring the latter and has gotten lost for a few hours . . . hmmm, maybe I should pop into The Source too and find him a satellite GPS, too!)

So, if you Dad isn’t like mine, and you have NO idea what to get him this year, why not grab him a Bower Place Gift Card! Load it up with as much as you want and let Dad pick himself out the perfect gift (no more cheesy ties!)


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