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It Started With a Special Synergy

Sunterra Market has now been open in Bower Place for one month, believe it or not. If you’ve ever been through the barn doors of their gorgeous new market, chances are you were greeted with a warm welcome from their fabulous staff, drawn into their in-house baked bread, or dazzled by the bounty of gorgeous, fresh produce neatly merchandised on their shelves.

It all started with a “WOW” presentation from QuadReal.

As Bower Place doesn’t have a full-service restaurant, QuadReal recognized a gap in the market to be filled. This led to finding (and creating) the perfect place for Sunterra Market within Bower Place.

After engaging with an architecture firm to redesign the layout originally pitched, a retake of the opportunity was presented to Sunterra Market with gorgeous renderings and design elements to wow. The aim was to create a food and beverage node and acknowledge the importance of seating areas. Indoor seating (a must, thanks to Alberta weather) animated the interior mall common areas and a Southeast-facing patio helped increase seating capacity. After looking at other Sunterra Market stores, bringing in design elements and studying Sunterra Market’s downtown urban and grab-and-go concepts, QuadReal provided gorgeous renderings of the future space.

The space has revived the East end of the centre. The entire new addition reflects the overall look and feel of Bower Place with barn doors and the use of wood and texture, but at the same time elevates the position. QuadReal made a handful of other upgrades around the centre, creating a domino effect, and injected a whole new life into Bower Place.

Ultimately, the synergy between the parties was unmissable. “(It) felt like we were aligned with their brand, with their community, with their interactions within the community,”—Tara Brockelmann, VP of Leasing, Retail, QuadReal.

“After more than 50 years in farming and 30 years in retail in Alberta, we saw the opportunity to be unique in Red Deer and service an agricultural community who would understand and appreciate our focus on fresh, local and high-quality ingredients” says Glen Price, Sunterra Market’s President. “Sunterra’s story began on my parents’ farm in Acme, Alberta about 100 kilometers south east of Red Deer. We’re thrilled that Bower Place presented such a special opportunity to expand.”

QuadReal was seeking a collaboration with a community focus. Upon the first meeting with Sunterra Market, it was understood how vertically integrated they are in their own community and with farmers. Bread was broken, and salami was served.

The community involvement and collaboration between Sunterra Market and QuadReal turned out to create a perfect alignment on many levels.

An Insider's View Into Sunterra Market

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