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Date: July 3, 2023

Summer is here, and it’s time to make the most of the warm weather and long sunny days. Whether you’re planning backyard BBQ parties, beach outings, or road trips, having the right essentials can enhance your summer fun. In this blog post, we’ll explore some must-have items from a variety of our tenants here at Bower Place that will help you gear up and make this summer one to remember.

Get Ready with Tommy Guns

When it comes to summer style, a great haircut can make all the difference. Tommy Guns is known for its expertise in men’s grooming, offering modern and stylish haircuts that will have you looking your best this summer. Whether you’re going for a classic or trendy look, the skilled barbers at Tommy Guns will ensure you leave their salon feeling fresh and confident. To perfect your grooming routine, Tommy Guns also provides a selection of styling tools and accessories. From high-quality combs and brushes to precision scissors and trimmers, these tools are designed to help you achieve precise styling and maintenance. While you’re at it their beard oils, balms, and waxes are infused with natural oils and moisturizing ingredients to condition the beard, reduce itchiness, and promote a well-groomed appearance. With Tommy Guns’ beard care products, you can easily tame unruly facial hair, maintain a neat shape, and achieve the well-groomed look you desire.

BBQ Essentials from House of Knives

Nothing says summer like firing up the grill and enjoying delicious BBQ meals with friends and family. House of Knives offers a wide range of high-quality BBQ essentials to elevate your grilling experience. From top-notch grilling utensils to durable and versatile cookware, House of Knives has everything you need to become a master of the grill. A good set of knives is the foundation of any kitchen. House of Knives boasts an impressive collection of top-quality knives, including chef’s knives, paring knives, Santoku knives, and more. With their precision craftsmanship and ergonomic designs, these knives ensure efficient and precise cutting, slicing, and dicing, making your cooking tasks a breeze.

Gear Up with Bentley

If you’re planning a summer adventure, having reliable and durable gear is essential. Bentley provides a wide range of outdoor gear, including backpacks, camping equipment, and travel accessories. Their products are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities while keeping you comfortable and organized. With Bentley gear, you can embark on your summer escapades with confidence.

Accessorize with The Edge

Complete your summer look and stay protected from the sun with accessories from The Edge. Their collection of hats and sunglasses offers both style and sun protection. Whether you are looking for hats for beach days or trendy sunglasses for a cool urban look, The Edge has the perfect accessories to complement your summer outfits. Don’t forget their convenient and eco-friendly to-go cups, ideal for enjoying your favorite beverages on the go. The Edge  also carries Sun Bum products; a range of sunscreen lotions, sprays, and lip balms that provide effective protection against harmful UV rays. Grab yours today and enjoy the sunshine!

Style with American Eagle

When it comes to stylish and comfortable summer attire for men, American Eagle is a brand that offers a diverse range of options. Known for their casual yet on-trend designs, American Eagle provides a variety of clothing suitable for the warm weather. Stay cool and relaxed in American Eagle’s selection of t-shirts and tank tops. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or blends for ultimate comfort. While denim is typically associated with cooler weather, American Eagle has a selection of lightweight and breathable denim options perfect for summer. Elevate your summer style with American Eagle’s lightweight button-down shirts. These shirts come in various prints and patterns, offering versatility for both casual and slightly dressier occasions. Roll up the sleeves for a relaxed vibe or leave them down for a more polished appearance. No matter what your style American Eagle has something for everyone.

Footwear from Urban Trail

Exploring the great outdoors during summer requires the right footwear. Urban Trail specializes in outdoor shoes that combine style, comfort, and durability. Whether you’re hiking, walking along the beach, or strolling through the city, Urban Trail offers a variety of footwear options to suit your needs. From sandals to hiking boots, their shoes will keep you comfortable and protected all summer long.

Summer is a time for relaxation, adventure, and creating unforgettable memories. By equipping yourself with the essentials from House of Knives, Tommy Guns, Bentley, American Eagle, Urban Trail, and The Edge, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of the season. From grilling delicious meals to looking stylish and staying comfortable during your summer activities, these brands have got you covered. Embrace the sun, have fun, and make this summer your best one yet!

Eliza Mudryk

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