A Little Embellishment

Lies are obviously bad; no one is going to argue with that. Little white lies, on the other hand, are generally “okay” if it means you’ll save hurting someone’s feelings. Who wants to tell someone that their new dress is waaaaaay too short (or hear it, for that matter)? Embellishment, however . . . is highly encouraged . . . at least, when we’re talking about fashion. In fact, it’s a huge thing! Think: tall tales x 10. Actually, no . . . no tall tales . . . more like OTT (over the top) by way of eye-catching adornments, intricate embroidery and everything fabulously lace-y and sequin-y in between and . . . on everything. In short, right up this fashion gal’s alley. Go big or go home, as they (I) say!

If you’re sitting there liking my thinking, you’re going to love what I am about to say even more. Looking into the fashion crystal ball, guess what I see for Spring 2018?! That’s right! More OTT embellishments vis-à-vis feather trim, fanciful fringe and chic bling (rhinestones or pearls, anyone?). Let’s call this one . . . “unapologetic glamour”.

Speaking about good calls . . . you know what would be super savvy on your part? Checking out some of my fave embellished things at Spring! No word of a lie . . . these are embellishments of the very best kind.

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