Bower Elf’s Shopping Day

Howdy, my friends!

I’m here to share with you, a Holiday shopping adventure, with a delicious lunch too!

Here at Bower Place, I’ve been on quite the chase.

I’m in seek of my favourite food: from things that are fried, to things barbecued.

I’ve had steaming hot coffee, lattes and toffees. Even a cold drink – ‘twas a little bit frosty!

My plate has seen burgers and fries galore, and even a patty with strips of bacon – four!

Then out of the food court, I made my way. I yearned to go and shop for the day.

I passed Santa’s court, and saw the trees – beautifully fluffed, for all to see.

I strolled along the corridor in the North, and was delighted by the smell of CinnZeo, shortly henceforth.

Despite my wandering nose, I made my way further, in search of fab clothes – and oh boy, were there!

Here, I found Ardene, and Lids at that! But alas, cannot replace my cowboy hat.

Strolling along, I looked for jewelry. Sparkly, glittery, gold; all cute to me!

My feet took me further; along Bower I went, while thinking of all the money I’d spent.

“I need a candle to burn”, I thought to myself, then wondered if Bath & Body Works might have something for an elf. There I stopped and found the perfect scent: a body scrub smelling of Twisted Peppermint!

Realizing the holidays are for sharing, I continued further, for a gift to show I’m caring.

Pearson’s Berry Farm caught my eye, where I found the perfect gift: why not pie?!

And though I do not have hair, I found a gift card at Chatter’s, knowing someone would love to shop there.

I then arrived at lululemon, where leggings would have me beckon.

“I’m definitely not a yogi, but those leggings sure look comfy to me!”

I see my friends at the Inside Story: Pop-Up, looking to be adopted, then I looked down at my watch and almost dropped it! “I have much left to explore and cannot miss a store.” So, further along, I walked, in search of more.

I found myself at Hudson’s Bay, where I knew I could surely stay. Here they have clothes, throws, and pillows. And don’t forget perfumes – sure to delight your nose.

I pranced out of Hudson’s Bay, delighted by my successful shopping day. But of course I could not leave with so much makeup left to retrieve!

Sephora was at the end of my list, where I was confident about finding my last gift.

For the beauty lover in my life I would get, a limited edition gift set!

Alas, my search finally came to an end. I had found much and left nothing to spend. I yearned to go home, where my gifts I would wrap, and visit with Bower Santa, from a computer on my lap.

Whether you are an elf in search of something for yourself,

Or seeking a gift of delight and fun for a special someone,

I say with glee, that during the Holidays, Bower Place is where you should be!


Marketing Coordinator

Maia is a classic Central Albertan gal who KNOWS her way around Bower Place . . . she grew up exploring it! If she’s not scouting the best of The Great Indoors, she’s probably strapping on her hiking pack to escape to the mountains or grabbing her cowboy boots (she’ll never say “no” to a rodeo). She has a love of free-spirited 70s vibes including eclectic accessories, bright colours, and fun patterns.

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