Bower Elf’s Shopping Day

Date: November 27, 2020

Howdy, my friends!

I’m here to share with you, a Holiday shopping adventure, with a delicious lunch too!

Here at Bower Place, I’ve been on quite the chase.

I’m in seek of my favourite food: from things that are fried, to things barbecued.

I’ve had steaming hot coffee, lattes and toffees. Even a cold drink – ‘twas a little bit frosty!

My plate has seen burgers and fries galore, and even a patty with strips of bacon – four!

Then out of the food court, I made my way. I yearned to go and shop for the day.

I passed Santa’s court, and saw the trees – beautifully fluffed, for all to see.

I strolled along the corridor in the North, and was delighted by the smell of CinnZeo, shortly henceforth.

Despite my wandering nose, I made my way further, in search of fab clothes – and oh boy, were there!

Here, I found Ardene, and Lids at that! But alas, cannot replace my cowboy hat.

Strolling along, I looked for jewelry. Sparkly, glittery, gold; all cute to me!

My feet took me further; along Bower I went, while thinking of all the money I’d spent.

“I need a candle to burn”, I thought to myself, then wondered if Bath & Body Works might have something for an elf. There I stopped and found the perfect scent: a body scrub smelling of Twisted Peppermint!

Realizing the holidays are for sharing, I continued further, for a gift to show I’m caring.

Pearson’s Berry Farm caught my eye, where I found the perfect gift: why not pie?!

And though I do not have hair, I found a gift card at Chatter’s, knowing someone would love to shop there.

I then arrived at lululemon, where leggings would have me beckon.

“I’m definitely not a yogi, but those leggings sure look comfy to me!”

I see my friends at the Inside Story: Pop-Up, looking to be adopted, then I looked down at my watch and almost dropped it! “I have much left to explore and cannot miss a store.” So, further along, I walked, in search of more.

I found myself at Hudson’s Bay, where I knew I could surely stay. Here they have clothes, throws, and pillows. And don’t forget perfumes – sure to delight your nose.

I pranced out of Hudson’s Bay, delighted by my successful shopping day. But of course I could not leave with so much makeup left to retrieve!

Sephora was at the end of my list, where I was confident about finding my last gift.

For the beauty lover in my life I would get, a limited edition gift set!

Alas, my search finally came to an end. I had found much and left nothing to spend. I yearned to go home, where my gifts I would wrap, and visit with Bower Santa, from a computer on my lap.

Whether you are an elf in search of something for yourself,

Or seeking a gift of delight and fun for a special someone,

I say with glee, that during the Holidays, Bower Place is where you should be!


Marketing Coordinator

Maia is a lover of plants, cooking (mostly eating), and mountain views.

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