Blue Jean Blues

Fun fact: I am over six feet tall. Six feet, three inches to be exact. There was never a time that I wasn’t taller than, at lest, all the girls in my school. I come from a tall family, although I am taller than both my parents (and my brother is taller than me if you can believe it). And don’t get me wrong, I love being tall. I can reach all the shelves that are too high for others, I’m super easy to find in a crowd, and yes, the weather is nicer up here.

But being tall has one disadvantage. Pants.

I have the hardest time you can imagine trying to find pants that are long enough for my giraffe legs. And denim jeans are probably my favorite article of clothing, so it’s a little discouraging when I go out shopping and I can’t find anything that fits right.

So, over the years, I have developed some tricks for myself (and my fellow tall people) for when you are looking through the racks for a new pair of jeans:

Never give up if the pair of perfect denim you fall in love with are a few inches too short, go ahead and make those jeans even shorter by rolling up the cuff another inch or two to have a DIY pair of cropped jeans. It’s a perfect look for Spring and Summer!

As well, you can always compensate any short jeans by wearing boots or shoes with high tops that you can wear over your pant leg and no one will know that they are two inches too short. I recently picked up a gorgeous pair of Steve Madden boots from Blackwell Supply Co.

Finally, we can start looking forward to the summer months where you can rock a pair of shorts and your height won’t matter when your out shopping! I recommend checking out American Eagle who always carry amazing selections of short in all different styles and fabrics. Perfect for any-body!


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