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Here at Bower Place, we strive to give you the best of The Great Indoors.

However, the mountains and the great outdoors still have my heart. I love pretty much anything to do with them. Snowboard on ’em, climb ’em, marvel at ’em.

I used to get out quite often but lately have had trouble doing so. Now, I try and get out on Red Deer’s trail system as often as I can instead since we are blessed with 110 kilometers of trails within our beautiful city. A short drive (or, if you’re lucky, a short walk out of your front door) can bring you into nature within minutes. Don’t get me wrong, this is no second-rate substitute; we have some gorgeous views!

In case the views weren’t enough to entice you, according to Alberta Health Services, being outside “helps us get a better night’s sleep, reduces stress, lessens depression and improves healing.”

Some of these pieces are great for brisk Winter walks, and some are great for those warmer Winter days when you’re less concerned with utility, and more concerned with fashion. I hope there is something for everyone here.

p.s.: Check out The City of Red Deer’s website for some trail maps around our lovely city.

Parkas & Puffers

Puffers were a “hot” trend (see what I did there?) of 2020, and given their warmth and utility, I can’t see them “cooling off” anytime during 2021. Even better, make a statement with a fun coloured puffer!

The Shelburne Parka is uber-flattering, and the Sleet Street is waterproof and filled with goose down so you can even take it into those cool, rainy Spring days, too! Plus, you can’t go wrong with the fun colours at Ardene and H&M.

Canada Goose
Shelburne Parka
Urban Trail
Sleet Street Jacket
Puffer Jacket
Oversized Jacket


These Blundstones are not your average boot. They’re waterproof and have traction and added insulation for warmth. The Adirondack III Boots are good until -32 which means they are perfect for your brisk Winter drop-offs, strolls, or errands. Plus, the Kamik SiennaF2 boots are waterproof and have added insulation!

Also, faux fur lined Dr Martens? My grunge dreams have come true.

Winter Thermal Black
Quarks/Urban Trail
Adirondack III Boots
Hudson’s Bay
Dr Martens
Womens 2976 Leonore Boots
Blackwell Supply Co.

Animal Print Accessories

Leopard print has been popping up in retailers across Bower Place. These adorable accessories are perfect additions to your Winter wardrobe to add a little flair and fun.

Leopard Faux Fur Upper Mittens
Hudson’s Bay
KW Fashion Corp
Leopard Print Beanie
Leopard Scarf
American Eagle Outfitters
Patterned Scarf


OK, so maybe you’re not the type who likes strolling outside in anything below +15 and would rather cuddle up beside a fire with a hot cocoa in hand. Maybe you wish you could hibernate every Winter and avoid it at all costs. I don’t judge.

In this case, sherpa jackets (and vests) are your new BFFs. They’re cozy, soft, and stylish. Various styles are popping up around retailers at Bower Place currently.

Offline Sherpa Vest
American Eagle Outfitters
Thread & Supply
Seven Wonders Pullover
Below the Belt
Sherpa Quarter Zip
Warm Restore Sherpa Pullover


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